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At Expedited Driveaway & Transport we offer an unparalleled quality of service encompassing all of North America and Canada. We contract with drivers in several states so we can meet your needs quickly and efficiently. Our drivers have the necessary experience and know-how to deliver your trucks timely, safely and damage-free. We provide the following: 



Moving just one truck?
Truck cannot be decked?
Look no further. Expedited Driveaway has an extensive amount of qualified CDL singles drivers ready to meet your needs.





Save money by having one driver take two trucks at the same time. Expedited Driveaway drivers can transport two trucks by either using a standard fifth-wheel mounting system, or eliminate the need to remove the shield by using a frame mounting saddle.


Have three trucks all going the same direction? Expedited Driveaway can deck these trucks together to save you even more money. Our well-trained drivers provide quick response in a safe and cost-efficient manner.



The granddaddy load of driveaway services! Assuming the combined length of the trucks does not exceed D.O.T. regulations, Expedited Driveaway can mount four trucks together, providing you the ultimate in cost saving transportation.


We can move your trucks to any U.S. port.  Expedited Driveaway will manage all of your required documents, getting them to the right place at the right time to ensure delivery. We also provide you tracking information to ensure the location of your titles and doc receipts.

Moving unique equipment? We can transport ambulances, fire trucks, busses and just about anything that is manufactured. If we can't move it we will help you find someone who can.

Moving complex trucks? This is a popular method to move single-axle trucks with shields or extra tall trucks that cannot be decked. We will assist you in making the best cost-effective decision.
     If your not sure which way to move your trucks, give us a call today.    

Call for a free rate quote!

Expedited Driveaway & Transport offers consistently reliable customer service and one of the nation's best on-time records.

Our drivers undergo thorough background checks and drug screens


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